We offer highly reliable, portable surveillance solutions, which can be deployed quickly and are easy to operate. Our systems are innovative, unique and are customised as per needs and requirements of field operations.

Counter Surveillance

We protect information, assets and intelligence from hostile surveillance. We keep secrets safe, communications confidential and reputations intact.

Crime Investigation

Law Abiding is pioneer in the field of Video Forensics, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone/ Mobile Phone Data Extraction and Recovery

Micro UAV

We offer high quality Flying Camera which can be operated with an automated engine system.

Thermal Camera

Thermal camera always helps you to keep an eye on suspect in darkest place. Thermal camera create image based on the heat .We provide world's best FLIR Thermal Camera.

Action Camera

We offer award winning ruggedised Action/sports Camera which are most feature-rich and intuitive . WEAR IT, MOUNT IT & Explore the world


Law Abiding Technology specializes in providing high end audio and video surveillance equipment. We have established ourselves as a leading provider of advanced intelligence systems to police, military and other government's intelligence agencies. Our wide range range of products includes various Hidden cameras, audio recorders and transmitters & other surveillance systems. More

Our Clients

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