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Video Transmitters

Our wide range of Wired covert cameras double its value when work in conjunction with Portable Wireless A/V Transmitter & Receiver Kit and become wireless cameras.

Brilliant looking & Rugged design made by Mag-Aluminum alloy housing, compact enough to carry & great solution for heat sink

Voice Operated Room Transmitter  Probe Based Room Transmitter

Pen Microphone Transmitter  

Voice Operated Room Transmitter

Video Transmitter: Model TBR2455/ TBR 1255

Both Transmitter & Receiver utilizes 2200mAh ultra high capacity removable standard FUJI camcorder lithium battery

Single general stereo jack socket on transmitter for A/V signal output and power supply, hassle free on cable plugging

Frequency Band: 1.2 & 2.4 GHz
Available Channel 6 CHs @ 1.2 GHz / 8 CHs @ 2.4GHz
Output Power 500mW
Battery Life Time 120 minutes
Battery 2200 mA / 3.7 V Lithium
Weight 65 g
Dimension 78x66x15

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Beach Pareos

Video Transmitter Model: PVRX

This is a combination package of the PV1000 digital video recorder and the PV- RX Audio Video receiver kit. The PV1000 is a hybrid hard disk and solid state video recorder. The PV-RX is an add on that allows it to receive wireless video and audio from either the TBR1255 or the TBR2455 wireless video and audio transmitting kits.

The PV-RX provides a handle and a tripod as well as a sun screen for the PV1000. You will be able to receive and record 1.2ghz or 2.4ghz A/V transmission on up to 8 different channels on to either the built-in hard disk or SD memory card.

This is a great add-on for the pv1000 digital recorder. Simply slot the pv1000 in to the receiver module and start recording from 1.2ghz or 2.4ghz wireless cameras. Use this with these a/v transmitter kits and any camera for wireless recording up to 500ft.

Easily switch from wireless recording to wired camera input with a toggle switch on the side of the RX. Also provides the PV1000 with a desk stand which doubles up an ergonomic hand grip. A screen hood is supplied to make outdoor viewing in day light easier. The RX also provides standard GPS mouning holes on the back so you can mount the PV1000 on the dash of a car.

No extra power supply is required for this unit.

Transmitter 500mW/1W
Battery Rechargeable
Transmission time 2 hours
Transmission frequency 1.2, 2.4Ghz

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Beach Pareos

Long Range Video Transmitter, Model: LAT -5800

Our Long range Video transmitter will help you to cover longer distance when Line of sight is clear and they can extend the range of transmission upto 600 meters in open areas and appropriate weather conditions.

Transmitter Parameter:

Weight: 35g
Dimension: 45.5*28.5*18mm
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working Current: 400mA
Working Frequency: 5.8G
Working Channels: 9CH
Working Power: 600mW
Transmitting Range: 200~ 500 m (In Open Fields)

Receiver Parameter:

Weight: 67g
Dimension: 72*43*11mm
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working Current: 200mA
Working Frequency: 5.8G
Working Channels: 9CH

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