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Optical Fiber Microphone

The Optical Fiber Microphone provides interference free communication in electrically noisy environments. The microphone uses a patented optical system that converts acoustic signals directly to a modulated light intensity signal. Since no electrical signals generated in the microphone or the fiber optic cables the Optical Fiber microphone provides secure and interference free communication in chemically or electrically hazardous conditions.

These microphones cannot be detected even by NLJD’s or any other debugging devices.

Voice Operated Room Transmitter  Probe Based Room Transmitter

Voice Operated Room Transmitter

Optical Fibre Microphone

A highly sensitive wired microphone to receive the minutest signal of the target room with absolute clarity. This unit is an advanced version. It has an enhanced electronics box with built in battery, volume control and two analog outputs, one for headphones and the other a fixed, high gain audio output for recording or a data analyzer. This unit can be used in environments where external power is not available, through its built in 9V battery. It can also be powered externally using AC Mains. Our unit are also supplied with built-in DSP based Noise Cancellation Circuits, which reduces the noise level upto large extent.

  • Immunity to EMI/RFI
  • Most difficult to detect
  • Immunity to high voltage
  • Can run to any length (1KM)
  • Immunity to highly explosive areas
  • Passive microphone (sensor)
  • Point-to-point communication

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Beach Pareos

Through-wall listening devices

The SUPER BAT is a high performance device that enables you to listen and record through various surfaces including walls, floors, windows, and doors without the need to be inside the room.

Now you can hear what's happening inside your target surveillance area, while reducing unwanted ambient noise that's produced outside. SUPER BAT solves through-the-wall audio's most serious problems. Our breakthrough directional sensor brings you superior audio performance, and it's easy to use.

The SUPER BAT includes a built in DSP based Noise Reduction and Directivity functions that increase voice intelligibility in noisy environments or where there is ambient noise (such as air conditioning or traffic noise). The SUPER BAT contact microphone heads are highly sensitive, while at the same time they are extremely robust devices and water resistant up to a depth of 5 meters. The proprietary super-directional sensors eliminate bothersome speech detected in the listening area during an operation (reducing such masking signals by at least 20 dB).


  • Super-directional: hear only what is inside the target room
  • Extremely high sensitivity and gain
  • Wide frequency range: up to 8000Hz
  • Stereo signal improves target intelligibility and localization
  • Supports wide imaging of 10 meters and more
  • 3 discrete levels of DSP ambient noise reduction
  • Ruggedised sensor withstands high impact forces
  • Optional thin, ultra sensitive probe microphone

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