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Noise Reduction system

The Lopti clear offers users a unique, high-tech, leading edge solution to the problems of unwanted noise and interference on speech in communications and surveillance operations. Lopti clear incorporates advanced signal processing algorithms, which are specifically designed for the removal of background noise from speech on a continuous and adaptive basis.

Voice Operated Room Transmitter

Voice Operated Room Transmitter

Noise Reduction system

Lopti Clear brings ultimate hardware performance to enhance speech in real- time monitoring. The Lopti Clear enables pushbutton adaptive noise reduction up to 20dB, with latency of only 10msecs.

Use the Lopti clear with any microphone to instantly filter out common ambient noise, such as street traffic, train, plane or helicopter backgrounds, air-conditioning noise, as well as the dynamically changing noises found in public spaces.

  • Advanced, hardware-based adaptive noise reduction DSP
  • Switchable noise reduction levels from 0 to 20dB
  • Use with any microphone, recording or transmitting device
  • Gain and volume level controls for both input and output signals
  • Real-time speech enhancement with minimum residual artifacts
  • Battery operation
  • Pushbutton adaptive noise reduction with latency of only 10 Msec

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