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Mini UAV & Micro UAV, Drone Camera

Mini UAV, Micro unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) and Drone Camera.

Mini UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle)and Drone Camera.  Beach Pareos

Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD  Beach Pareos

Beach Pareos  Beach Pareos

Beach Pareos  Beach Pareos

Beach Pareos  Beach Pareos

High Definition Audio Video Recorder, PV500 EVOII

Search and Rescue

When responding to a natural disaster scenario, the Aero Cam (quad copter)�can be a�source of valuable information that can help�command and field-teams to be more effective in their missions.

� Entering a building under risk of imminent collapse.

Search for injured trekkers in a steep cliff, in minutes, without endangering search teams

Look for victims at night using a thermal camera. All of these are situations where a portable and stabilized aerial platform as the�Quad copter Aero Cam�can make a huge difference.


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Key Chain Camera

Security and law enforcement

Advanced Inspection of Dangerous Areas Law enforcement teams are often assigned missions where they must enter unknown and dangerous areas.

Without any additional insight, they often face elevated risks of injury. With the�Quadcopter Aero Cam, the teams in the field now have a new tool for advanced video intelligence gathering.

Improved situational awareness, and more informed assessment of dangers in a given area, before exposing any team members to potential injury, is certainly a valuable capability to have in the field.

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Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD

Evidence Gathering

Collecting photographic evidence of accidents, being on the road or in other scenarios, is a critical task for law enforcement and insurance investigators. With the�Quad copter Aero Cam, it is easier to get a better perspective of the areas under investigation, through aerial photography.

Mounting panoramic or custom-spectrum cameras, or automatically feeding image-based measurements for automatic calculation programs, can be a real bonus to the investigators in charge

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High Definition Portable DVR with HDD

Structure Maintenance
Companies that are responsible for the maintenance of buildings or industrial structures understand the cost and injury risks involved in carrying out on-site inspections.

With the�Quad copter Aero Cam�it's safer, easier and�cheaper to check for signs of ageing and corrosion in hard to reach areas of large or distributed buildings and structures.

The aerial perspective capability is also valuable when assessing new construction sites.

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Wireless Receiver Cum Recorder

Planning Construction Work in Industrial Buildings
As business grows, factories and industrial buildings need to expand or add new machinery.

Assessing the existing structures and visually evaluating what scenarios are possible is now easier with the�Quad copter Aero Cam.

With high quality imagery captured from the air, engineers can spend less time in the assessment phase, and make better decisions faster than ever before.

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PV900 FHD, Mobile Shape DVR

Crowd Management

When managing various types of situations where crowds can pose a risk to public safety, the UX line of�Rotorcrafts provides a definitive advantage to command-and-control teams.

Having a low-noise and highly mobile aerial observation platform enables increases situational awareness, reduces risks and improves the effectiveness of the forces on the field.

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PV-AC12, Power Adapter Shaped DVR

Perimeter Surveillance

Small UAVs have shown to be very useful in filling the gap between more traditional means of�perimeter surveillance: ground-based patrolling and helicopter-based aerial surveillance.

The�Quad copter Aero Cam�is able to carry out autonomous and unattended surveillance along predetermined routes,�recording and transmitting high-quality photos and movies.

Working with GPS-based coordinates makes it extremely easy to define new surveillance routes for temporary locations - public events, VIP visits, conferences, government officials visits.

Intelligent and automatic video processing can also be used for increased intrusion detection capabilities, and be used to automatically generate alerts. The�Quad copter Aero cam �low noise and capability to operate in tight spaces make it a must-have for complementing traditional approaches to surveillance.

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Video Mug Camera

Real Estate

Real-estate Promotion and Illustration In the housing market, being able to motivate potential customers is a critical to increase sales, especially in the upper segment. The Quad copter Aero Cam lets you shoot aerial images and footage of houses, villas, farms, golf courses, hotels, amusement parks or any type of property. Being auto-stabilized and small means the Quad copter Aero Cam is equally comfortable hovering close to a large mezzanine inside a hotel lobby, as it is flying from above a property through a window of a banquet room. That is something you will have a hard time doing with an airplane or helicopter.

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Video Mug Camera

Media and Broadcast

In a competitive market, being able to quickly deploy a camera in an unusual or�hard to reach location can be decisive in getting "that shot" for a movie, ad or photo session.

In an age where newscasts are rapidly becoming all-digital and mobile, a news crew can easily carry a�Quadcopter Aero Cam�in a standard van with the rest of the technical gear.

Once on location, the�Quadcopter Aero Cam�can quickly be deployed in� a few minutes, and start transmitting live feeds that enrich and give additional impact to the reporter's work.

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Video Mug Camera

Cinema and Promotional Films

Throughout the history of cinema, filming crews have developed devices and structures to enable them to capture scenes from refreshing perspectives that could lend the desired emotion to the scenes being filmed.

Equipped with a high-quality camera, the�Quad copter Aero Cam�has a place in any movie director's toolbox, as it enables a camera to be placed and operated in places that previously unthinkable of.

Wherever an helicopter is too large, too noisy, too intrusive, or too expensive, the UX-801C�is just right.

Simply put, it opens new creative directions for dynamic sequences and surprising perspectives.

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