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Information Security Tools

High Definition Audio Video Recorder, PV500 EVOII  Beach Pareos

Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD  Beach Pareos

Beach Pareos  Beach Pareos

Beach Pareos  Beach Pareos

Beach Pareos

High Definition Audio Video Recorder, PV500 EVOII

Acoustic Jammer

Acoustic cell phone jammer is intended to block the acoustic channel of GSM phone when unexpected switching to transfer. The product does not respond to the signals of wireless phone standard DECT, providing extremely long battery life from a single battery with discharge monitoring. It is powered by a lithium CR1220 battery.

Height 38 mm
Width 14 mm
Thickness 4.5 mm
Weight 8 g
Case Plastic
Power supply Battery

Technical characteristics:
Operation Modes: 
Stand-by Mode every 2s checks for the signal on the product's input;  Operation Mode receives GSM signal, 3G and 4G signals with short clicks for the first 4seconds, then blocking noise, and when receiving Bluetooth signal short pulses 4kHz are added to noise.
Noise Parameters: Level -> 80 dB;
Range of reception  - up to 30 cm
Current consumption / time: Stand-By: 2µA/up to 20 thousand hours; Operational: 0.7mA/up to 50 hours.
Operating temperature range: +5 .... +45 ° C Dimensions: 38 × 14 × 4.5mm Weight: 8g.


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Key Chain Camera

Broadband Indicator

Broadband indicator of radio signals is designed to detect and determine the location of different signal sources (GSM, DECT, BT, WF, WM, etc.), distinguishing between continuous and pulsed signals, and to roughly estimate their radiation power. The device is equipped with a built-in economy LED flashlight.

Height 48 mm
Width 32 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Weight 18 g
Case Plastic
Power supply Battery
Frequency band 400MHz-6GHz
Dynamic range 60 dB

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Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD

Holographic Subsurface Radars

This is a lightweight,  portable holographic  radar  system  intended  for sounding structural  components of buildings  (brickwork,  wall  panels,  cast  in place concrete and reinforced concrete,  etc.)  for  detection of  buried objects (wiring,  reinforcement,  voids,  various  kinds  of  discontinuities  and  foreign bodies). Software forms representation of the internal structure of examination area. It produces plan view gray scale images of the subsurface objects using five simultaneous frequencies.  The images can be focused by special algorithms for improving their resolution.

Height 157 mm (control unit)
Width 200 mm (control unit)
Thickness 63 mm (control unit)
Weight 1,9 kg.

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High Definition Portable DVR with HDD

Video Camera Detectors

The  detector is designed for quick detection of hidden micro video cameras, including those with pinhole lenses. 

Principle of detection is based on the effect of light reflection or "return flare". Thus, when a concealed target is detected, there is a bright red spot (reflection from video camera lens) in it field of vision. 

Detection distance of concealed video cameras with pinhole lenses (lens diameter is 1 mm) can be from 1 to 50 m depending on operating conditions. 

It employs LED illumination of targets; it makes the device usage safe for the operator (unlike laser illumination). 

Operation in optical frequency range allows detecting any optical devices, regardless of their mode (on/off) and type of transmission (radio or cable). 

Radio interference, electromagnetic shielding, masking gauze and lens hoods do not prevent detection of video cameras. 

Technical solutions used in the VORON detector (roof prism and translucent optics) combine compact design with excellent optical characteristics: high magnification, wide field of view and exceptional quality of image. Effective impulse source of power supply insures long operation time on one AA-type battery (1.5 V). 

The equipment case is made of aluminum alloy; it has a hand strap and soft rubber eyeshade. The device is easy-to-use  and does not require special skills.

Height 140 mm
Width 68 mm
Thickness 50 mm
Weight 0.33 kg
Case Metal

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Wireless Receiver Cum Recorder


The CORDON analyzer is designed for detection and location of low power sources of electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range of 50 - 8000 MHz. Device operation is based on integral measurement of electromagnetic field level. 

The CORDON identifies transmission of GSM-900, GSM-1800 (DCS) and DECT phones, Bluetooth and WiFi devices. 

It allows not only to detect unauthorized low power transmission in premises, but also measure its signal frequency and evaluate level of electromagnetic radiation. 

The CORDON has two modes: search mode and microphone excitation effect mode. At search mode the CORDON measures frequency and electromagnetic radiation level. At microphone excitation effect mode it is possible to locate unauthorized transmitters by microphone excitation effect. 

The CORDON LCD shows signal parameters (frequency and level), GSM-900, GSM-1800, DECT, Bluetooth, WiFi transmission, level of detection threshold and battery charge.

Height 179 mm
Width 67 mm
Thickness 30 mm
Weight 0.35 kg
Case Plastic
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Frequency band 50-8000 MHz
Dynamic range not less than 55 dB

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PV900 FHD, Mobile Shape DVR

MFP-800 Frequency Power Meter

MFP-8000 can be used to measure frequency and power of radio signals in a wide range of development, diagnostic, adjustment and search applications related to radio devices.  

Specialists are familiar with manual field indicators of MFP series used for these purposes with an option of measuring frequency. These handheld devices have worked reliably during many years, the latest from them is MFP-3. 

A portable signal power and frequency meter is designed for measuring frequency and intensity of radio signals in broadband in field environment, which often takes place at the practical impossibility of galvanic connection to the measured radio signal source. 

Operating principle  The operating principle of the portable frequency meter represents a broadband field indicator extracting signal that is maximum at the measured point of space. The portable signal power and frequency meter can be used when adjusting radio transmitting equipments, monitoring air and searching for tacitly installed radio communication units. 

MFP-8000, developed on the basis of the latest advances in the RF components and technology and vast engineering and operating experience incorporates the best properties and features of MFP instruments. 

MFP-8000 can detect any sources of radio emission within the frequency range from 100 kHz up to 8GHz featuring sensitivity of -53dBm with a typical S/N ration of 5dB.  That means that a transmitting device with an output power of +7dBm (5mW) coupled to a matched 1/4 wavelength antenna can be easily detected from the distance of up to 8m. 

MFP-8000 has the following features: 

  • 30dB input attenuator adjusted in 10dB steps.
  • Count time selection. 
  • Input frequency range selection.
  • User level correction setting.
  • Battery charge/discharge control
  • Real-time clock and calendar. 
  • Built-in light and acoustic indication. 
  • RS-232 interface.


Dimensions: 115mm ? 70mm ? 27 mm.
Frequency range: 100 kHz…8 GHz.
Maximum safe input level: +30dBm (1W)
Input impedance: 50 Ohm
Dynamic range of power level measurement: 90dB,  (-60dBm…+ 30dBm).
Accuracy of power level measurement: ± 0.5dB.
Sensitivity for frequency measurement: =-45dBm (-45dBm 1.26mV)
for the frequency range (300¸6000) MHz, =12,68mV (-25dBm)
for the ranges (0.1¸ 0.3) MHz and (6000¸8000) MHz
Typical sensitivity of power measurement: = -53dBm (S/N >5dB).
13MHz reference oscillator: ± 2.5ppm (-30 +80 °C),  ±1,5ppm (+25 °C)
VSWR =1,5.
Operating temperature range: from 0°C up to +50 °C.
Power supply: a built-in Li-Ion battery 3.6  W/1.95 ?/h
Average current consumption: ≤ 250 mA
Input connector: N-type (female).

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PV-AC12, Power Adapter Shaped DVR

RF Detector

ST 110 RF detector is designed for detection and localization of radio-wave radiation devices (RD) which are used for unauthorized data transfer via radio channel.

These facilities include the following:

  • Radio-microphones (BUGs)
  • Telephone radio retransmitter (TAP) 
  • Wireless stethoscope 
  • Video-cameras with radio channel for data transfer
  • Radio beacons for people, vehicles or cargos tracking systems
  • Mobile phones and radio modems of GSM, DECT standards
  • Data transmission devices of BLUETOOTH and WLAN standards

Principle of operation of ST 110 is based on broadband detection of electrical field. ST 110 operates in two main modes: SEARCH and MONITORING. Additional modes include: LOG VIEW, OSCILLOSCOPE and RECORDER.

Height 90 mm
Width 54 mm
Thickness 21 mm
Weight 150 g
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Frequency band 50-2500 MHz
Dynamic range 55 dB; 40 dB
Current consumption 25 mA

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Video Mug Camera

Wireless Protocol Detector

Wireless Protocol Detector is designed for detection and identifying mobile radio transmitters of cellular communications standards (mobile phones and modems of GSM 900, 1800, UMTS), wireless data transmission (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and cordless phones (DECT). Additionally indication of base stations power signal strength and data exchange intensity is provided.

1. CDMA 450
2. GSM 900, 1800
3. UMTS (3G)
4. Wi-Fi

1. Call Phones and Modems CDMA, GSM and 3G
2. Wi-Fi and wireless 2.4GHz cameras
3. Bluetooth devices

ST 165 operates on the basis of direct-conversion receiver. To detect signals, the ST 165 scans series of frequency ranges of the known transmission standards. The user can set up the detection threshold and the number of desired frequency bands. Signals identification is performed on basis of analysis of detected signals time parameters.

Height 90 mm
Width 54 mm
Thickness 21 mm
Weight 150 g
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Current consumption 210 mA

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Video Mug Camera

Special RF Detector

RAKSA iDet Selective RF Detector can be used to detect and locate in near field a wide variety of radio transmitters used for secret access to information.

RAKSA iDet detects:

  • Cellular phones of GSM 850/ 900E/ 1800/ 1900, UMTS 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900/ 2100, CDMA 450 (A-H)/ 800/ 1900 standards
  • Cordless DECT phones
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices
  • Wireless video cameras
  • Radio transmitters with analog modulation (AM, FM, PM)
  • Radio transmitters with digital modulation and continuous carrier (FSK, PSK, etc.) 
  • Radio transmitters with wideband modulation up to 10 MHz bandwidth

RAKSA iDet  is a superheterodyne receiver with low IF and frequency synthesizer. Scanning and analyzing cycle period is 1.0-1.5 sec. RAKSA iDet can operate within guard, sweep, search, difference search modes and monitoring of digital signals.

Height 43 mm
Width 77 mm
Thickness 18 mm
Weight 35 g
Frequency band 50-3800 MHz
Dynamic range 50 dB

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