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Debugging Services in Delhi

Anyone can be the target of covert eavesdropping or bugging. Law Abiding Technology deals in wide range of Counter Surveillance (TSCM) products that offer the latest technology in bug detection or bug sweeping.

Our equipment can be used to bug sweep homes, offices or vehicles and will detect a wide range of surveillance devices including conventional VHF/UHF audio listening bugs/phone bugs, GSM bugs, 3G plus new 4G based devices, Wifi/Bluetooth devices, smartphones and spyphones, covert cameras and GPS vehicle trackers.

High Definition Audio Video Recorder, PV500 EVOII  Beach Pareos

Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD  Beach Pareos

High Definition Audio Video Recorder, PV500 EVOII

Electronics Sanitizing services

Electronics sanitizing services is a unique service which helps you to safeguard your confidential data. In this service professionally trained team search bugs like audio recorders, camera, transmitter etc. Law abiding technology provides anti spy services we have all HI- Grade professional & expensive equipment.


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Key Chain Camera

Bug Finding Services

Law Abiding Technology has a team of experienced and dedicated professional bug sweeping and counter surveillance personnel. We have invested heavily in the equipment necessary to identify, locate and remove all types of listening, recording and also video bugs.

Our bug sweep will utilize the most up to date and advanced methods and equipment, and can locate all types of standard and advanced transmitting and GSM devices. We can also locate and remove non transmitting recording bugs.

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Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD

Electronics Sweeping Services

Law abiding technology provides significant electronics sweeping services for corporate. Now days it is consequential service for companies. In this service a very specially trained team of Professionals arrive your office, board room, or any confidential place and conduct search for bugs, transmitters, hidden cameras or any other eves dropping devices, with the help of specialized equipments.

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High Definition Portable DVR with HDD

Spy Hunter Service

Spy hunter service to protect your privacy, assets and intelligence from hostile surveillance.

We help secure against unwanted intrusion from competitors, criminals and the press, wherever you are in the world.

Our counter surveillance services can be implemented in response to a one-off incident or as part of an ongoing security programme.

They are ethical, discreet, and proportional and tailored to your specific needs.

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