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Counter surveillance Services - Counter Measure Services

Law Abiding Technology deals in Counter Surveillance products that offer the very latest TSCM technology and techniques to counter the bug detection of surveillance devices.Contact us for more information about our range of Counter Measure Services.

High Definition Audio Video Recorder, PV500 EVOII  Beach Pareos

Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD  Beach Pareos

High Definition Audio Video Recorder, PV500 EVOII

Anti surveillance services in Delhi India

Law abiding technology provides Anti surveillance services in Delhi. We have professionally trained staff that is able to find any kind of bugging device. We have all related equipments they are effective in detecting and removing all forms of active and passive bugging devices.


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Key Chain Camera

TSCM Services

Law Abiding Technology offers TSCM services in all over India Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, often called counter-eavesdropping or bug-sweeping, is the combination of people, process and equipment designed to detect and respond to attempts to undertake technical surveillance. Technical surveillance may employ hidden microphones, miniature radio transmitters, concealed cameras or vehicle tracking devices to glean information relating to sensitive activities or conversations such as those relating to Mergers and Acquisition, or other commercial discussions, private matters relating to celebrities and other high profile individuals or may be a component of industrial or economic espionage.

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Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD

Hidden Camera Detection

May be some unsocial elements record you or leaking your privacy without your information. It may be harmful to you or you are in doubt someone is bugging you just call us we will find all active or passive bugs for you and we will guide you how you can protect yourself from bugging devices.

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High Definition Portable DVR with HDD

Anti Spy Services

Anti spy service is a unique service which helps you to safeguard your confidential data. In this service professionally trained team searches for bugs like audio recorders, camera, transmitter etc. Law abiding technology provides anti spy services, we have all HI- Grade professional & expensive equipment.

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