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Corporate Espionage Detection System

High Definition Audio Video Recorder, PV500 EVOII  Beach Pareos

Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD  Beach Pareos

High Definition Audio Video Recorder, PV500 EVOII

Bug Sweeping

Law Abiding Technology has a team of experienced and dedicated professional bug sweeping and counter surveillance personnel. We have invested heavily in the equipment necessary to identify, locate and remove all types of listening, recording and also video bugs.

Our bug sweep will utilize the most up to date and advanced methods and equipment, and can locate all types of standard and advanced transmitting and GSM devices. We can also locate and remove non transmitting recording bugs.


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Key Chain Camera

Electronics Counter Measures Services

Law abiding technology offer counter measures services for commercial and residential locations as well. Whenever we locate a bug, with very special equipments then we confirm that your location is clear, the result is peace of mind for our clients. On completion of the check, we provide our clients a detailed report of our findings, with recommendations for reducing exposure to eavesdropping.

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Mobile Phone Camera with inbuilt DVR, PV900HD

Bug sweep TSCM Services

Law abiding technology Indiaís best company in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is our specialty. We eliminate telephone line bugs and wiretaps (using wiretap detection sweeps), computer data line taps and bugs (telecommunications security line sweeps), and bug sweep your conference rooms (using electronic room bug sweeping and electronic detection). Our superior equipment can detect electronic espionage and our unparalleled experience and knowledge can identify and locate those bugging devices.

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High Definition Portable DVR with HDD

Communication Security Services

Anti spy service is a unique service which helps you to safeguard your confidential data. In this service professionally trained team searches for bugs like audio recorders, camera, transmitter etc. Law abiding technology helps you to safeguard your valuable, confidential mobile, landline conversation. We provide both software as well as hardware solutions. Now dayís phone taping and bugging threat is so high if you are in doubt that you are bugged by someone. so donít take it easy it may be harmful to you and your organization. Just use our services and safeguard your data.

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