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Audio Transmitters

Law abiding Technology design's miniature advanced audio transmitters and receivers specifically for law enforcement surveillance and security applications. LAT specialize in producing audio Transmitters which are used in specialized concealments, and remotely-controlled surveillance equipment.

Miniature UHF transmitter for use in a room or vehicle. This voice activated transmitter will transmit conversations to a distant receiver.

With our Automatic Gain Control system it will pick up a sound from a distance of 20 feet away from the transmitter microphone as clearly as loud speech near it.

Exceptional audio quality

Voice Operated Room Transmitter  Probe Based Room Transmitter

Pen Microphone Transmitter  Cigarette Ashtray

PC Mouse Transmitter  Noise Cancellation Receivers

Voice Operated Room Transmitter

Voice Operated Room Transmitter

Our Hybrid designed, highly sensitive room transmitter will help you get crisp and clear room conversation with our special designed dedicated receivers

  • UHF, long term transmitter for monitoring applications, where access for changing batteries is difficult.
  • Transmission Time: More than 50 Hours
  • Output Power : 25mW
  • Transmission Range : 100 mt. (LOS)
  • Automatic Gain Control system it is able to pick up low signals.
  • Exceptional audio quality.

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Probe Based Room Transmitter

Where there is no access to the target room our probe transmitter is the solution.

Successful monitoring through a 2mm gap

A gap of 2mm only is required to insert the 150 or 250mm needle microphone through floorboards, or keyhole, or under a doorframe or through a crack for successful audio monitoring.

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Pen Microphone Transmitter

Pen microphone transmitter. A transmitter concealed in an everyday, working pen that will not arouse suspicion

Pen microphone transmitter

  • Very small internal microphone transmitter
  • Enables high quality audio reception
  • A working everyday object which will not arouse suspicion
  • No requirement to conceal
  • Internal antenna
  • Button cell battery as power source

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Cigarette Ashtray (Audio Transmitter)

  • A unique audio Transmitter in a Cigarette Ashtray
  • Highly Sensitive Mic.
  • Transmission Range 50 mt
  • Transmission Freq; UHF

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PC Mouse Transmitter

PC mouse transmitter. Embedded with highly sensitive microphone inside. Of course it works as an USB optical mouse too.


  • Completely concealed external appearance.
  • No power supply needed. Power is supplied from USB of PC.

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Noise Cancellation Receivers

Our special designed Receivers to eliminate and suppress the background / ambience noise signals to deliver you a clear speech of the targeted room conversations.

  • Multi-channel UHF receiver with instant audio clarity. The ability of the operators to understand what the target is saying without using a laboratory to remove all the unwanted noise has been one of the major operational problems with receivers.
  • LAT-60 the pocket sized receiver, instantly eliminates background noise and provides crystal clear and understandable voice quality reception.

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